About the Collection

Riga Film Museum Collection began to form in 1988 alongside the Museum itself. It is remarkable that while there was no pre-existing collection before the Museum was founded, it still amassed more than 120 000 units that are currently kept in the collection. The majority of these units were acquired in the early 1990s when after the collapse of the Soviet Union many official institutions that were dedicated to regulate cinema in Latvia ceased to exist.

Riga Film Museum Collection materials are regularly used in research as well as for various publications, film studies and even for making new films about the history of cinema in Latvia.

Riga Film Museum plans to move its collection to a new, specially built museum collection building complex in Pulka 8. This new building complex is made especially for museums, and has terrific conditions to preserve historical artifacts. Riga Film Museum Collection will be open to visitors in its new home in 2020.