For celebrations

You can celebrate your birthday or any other special event in Riga Film museum! We offer not only the venue but also an event with a specially curated program that could consist of an excursion, a film and a fun game or a task.

The content of the excursion will be specially created to your needs, interests and the age of the guests.

The excursion is usually followed by a creative task which helps to understand cinema more in depth. Usually we offer to create your own image strip that will come to life in a praxinoscope (one of the first optical toys that helped to show movement), and other creative tasks can be offered as well.

For an additional fee guests can take part in screen-printing workshop which allows them to make a souvenir of their own. The museum offers several screens to choose from, and all of them in a funny way reference Latvian film classics. The materials for the workshop are provided by the museum. It is possible to screen print either a t-shirt or a tote bag.

The museum also offers a possibility to watch a specially curated film program that would suit your needs and interests. The length and the content of the program will be discussed before the event with you.

Maximum number of guests 30 people

The length of the excursion and the creative part 1-2 hours (if the creative part involves screen printing workshop)

Fee: 100 EUR/ 2 h

Registration and more information:
(+371) 67 358 873 vai